UKIP announce their plans for Bedford Borough in mayoral election race

Adrian Haynes UKIP

UKIP’s candidate for the Bedford Borough mayoral elections has said he wants to “see a much more transparent council operation.”

Adrian Haynes, who lives and works in Bedford added that our council must have: “… proper representation in ‘the cabinet’ reflecting the actual choices of the voting public, irrespective of party politics, which have no place in local council.”

Speaking to the Bedford Independent about his manifesto, Adrian listed a number of things he believes UKIP would achieve if he was elected as mayor, including:

  • ensuring taxes are as low as possible whilst protecting essential front line services
  • slashing excessive pay deals for senior council staff
  • look to cut councils’ advertising and self promoting budgets
  • putting local people and veterans first
  • aim to stop greenfield developments and use brownfield sites for housing
  • Development to be made with the consent of the local communities
  • any development must have adequate provision for infrastructure including roads, transport, schools, doctors, dentists and community facilities

The full UKIP manifesto can be read at their website.

Adrian Haynes will also be appearing alongside all other candidates at the Bedford Independent’s mayoral election hustings on 18 April at the Bedford Blues ground.

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Bedford Borough Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Labour and Greens have also announced their manifestos:

Bedfordians will go to the polls on 2 May to decide who will be the Borough’s Mayor and which councillors will represent them at ward and parish level.

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Philip Simpkins, Chief Executive of Bedford Borough Council urged those eligible to vote to make sure they’re registered so they can have their say: “Time is running out to make sure you can take part in the local elections.

“These elections are an opportunity to make your voice heard and have a say on who represents you on issues that directly affect day-to-day life here in Bedford Borough.”