Bedford Mayor launches manifesto for re-election

Mayor Dave Manifesto 2019 Launch

Bedford’s Mayor, Dave Hodgson, has launched his bid for re-election at the Mayoral and local council elections on 2 May this year.

The Liberal Democrat Mayor says their manifesto is a “pledge to stand up for Bedford Borough and maintain their proven record of action”.

The manifesto has four key themes:

  • Supporting people
  • Looking after our environment
  • Standing up for Bedford Borough
  • Working hard all year round

The programme sets out how Mayor Dave and the Lib Dems believe they’ll build on what they’ve done since they were first elected in 2009, saying they’ll now seek to:

  • Tackle homelessness so no one needs to sleep on the streets
  • Seek 30% minimum of affordable homes for all new housing developments
  • Retain a comprehensive and fair council tax reduction scheme
  • Develop electric charging points and deliver the Transporting Bedford 2020 decongestion programme
  • Introduce more 20mph zones and install more average speed cameras
  • Prioritise job creation
  • Oppose service cuts at Bedford Hospital
  • Encourage the Government and BT to deliver super-fast broadband to all residents and businesses
  • Demand fair funding for local schools

Speaking at their manifesto launch event this week, Mayor Dave Hodgson said: “We’ve saved services facilities that have been lost elsewhere, protecting our communities from the government cuts which have caused such misery elsewhere.

“This manifesto sets out how we will continue to do so, standing up for Bedford Borough and getting the best for residents in tough times.

“Local residents know that Liberal Democrats work hard for them all year round.

“That’s why they hear from them more often, and it’s why we have saved frontline services, protected facilities such as libraries and children’s centres and campaigned successfully in support of Bedford Hospital, for example.

“The manifesto is a blueprint for achieving even more in the four years to come, on behalf of local residents in all communities right across Bedford Borough.”

Earlier this month, Conservative Mayoral Candidate, Giovanni Carofano, launched his own manifesto and attacked the town’s current mayor, saying: “The current Liberal Democrat and Labour administration have failed to deliver the change Bedford wants, and only I and my team of candidates are offering change.”

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In response, the Lib Dem manifesto outlined a list of 25 items they and the mayor have delivered since 2009, including: Replacement of all temporary classrooms with permanent buildings, developed Riverside North, regenerated town car parks, created new jobs in the manufacturing, supermarket and leisure sectors and finished the western bypass.

You can read their full manifesto at the Bedford Liberal Democrat website.

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