Conservatives launch their Bedford Borough Mayoral manifesto

Gianni Carofano, Conservative Mayoral Candidate, Bedford Borough
Gianni Carofano, Conservative Mayoral Candidate.

Conservative Bedford Borough Mayoral Candidate, Gianni Carofano, has launched his mayoral manifesto, which he says will give Bedford what residents have told him they want for the Borough.

The manifesto is divided into pledges that address six focus areas and offers apparent solutions:

  • Reduce parking restrictions, provide two hours free parking in multi-storey car parks Mon-Fri, increase Saturdays to three hours free parking
  • Create more leisure facilities for young people
  • Create a £1million fund to help first time buyers
  • Cut Mayor and Councillors’ pay and allowances by at least 10%
  • Fund training of 50 new special constables, with powers of arrest
  • Adapt the Local Plan to take full advantage of the Oxford to Cambridge corridor
  • Give Town & Parish Councils a greater say on planning applications
  • Reinstate Post-16 school transport subsidy and reintroduce school holiday play schemes

The manifesto, however, doesn’t set out how the solutions will be financed and how they will be implemented.

Cllr Carofano, said, “This manifesto doesn’t just represent what I want for Bedford, it represents what residents told us they want for Bedford.

“We spent most of 2018 in all parts of the Borough speaking to people. This manifesto reflects the collective voice of Bedford and delivers the things that residents have told us is important to them.

“This is not my manifesto, it is our manifesto. The current Liberal Democrat and Labour administration have failed to deliver the change Bedford wants, and only I and my team of candidates are offering change.

“On 2 May, the power is in the hands of Bedford residents to choose to vote for a fresh start.”

Councillor Stephen Moon, the Leader of the Conservative Group on Bedford Borough Council added: “This manifesto offers a clear choice and a way out of the drift, decline and complacency of the current administration.

“We have a clear strategy to revive Bedford, put residents first and transform the way the Council operates.”

Cllr Carofano came out fighting in late January when his team collated the results of their survey that this manifesto is based upon, telling the Bedford Independent that the current Mayor “has failed Bedford Borough”.

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In response, Deputy Mayor Cllr Charles Royden said: “Mayor Dave has a record of saving services subject to widespread cuts and closures elsewhere and of standing up for Bedford Borough against the Conservative Government’s assault on local services and failure on infrastructure.

“We know that the Conservatives would fail on both counts if allowed back in.”