About us

A 21st Century News Desk for a 21st Century Bedford

The Bedford Independent was founded to provide the people of Bedford Borough with a modern news desk that would give them easy access to genuine Bedford news.

Our mission is to inform and inspire the people of Bedford and to do this we will work hard to bring them the news that matters to them from our town centre to the most rural of the Borough’s villages.

This may be: holding public officials to account, championing a local hero, celebrating an independent business, helping police bring a criminal to justice, or simply keeping readers informed of a breaking and ongoing news story.

The Bedford Independent is written, edited and managed by Bedfordians who understand that news is no longer something people are prepared to wait for.

We will update our pages the moment a story breaks and continue to keep updating our stories as new facts and information emerges.

There will no longer be any need to wait for a publication date, the Bedford news that matters to you will be on your computer, your mobile, your social media news feed the same day.

We won’t be swayed by rumour, our news will be investigated thoroughly and based on facts. The Bedford Independent will be a trusted news source dedicated to Bedford and a dedicated enemy of fake news and misinformation.

Our writers are from all walks of life and live and breathe the areas they report upon. Our stories will be based on genuine local knowledge, our features will be full of passion for our town, our content will be exactly what Bedfordians want to read.

We are not just independent in name, we will remain independent in our editorial stance too. We won’t take political sides. We promise to report the facts, and the facts alone. We believe our readers will then be able to make their own informed decision.

Our advertisers and investors have no control over our editorial. All know, and understand, that if there is evidence of any wrong doing by them, we won’t keep it quiet. If the news is of genuine public interest, it will be reported.

Our columnists and feature reports will look deeper into the issues facing Bedford, celebrate the achievements of our town and its people and also look at how we can join together for the greater good.

If there is a campaign that will help raise an issue into the spotlight, so collectively we can put it right, the Bedford Independent will be at the forefront of that campaign.

The Bedford Independent is the 21st century news desk a 21st Century Bedford needs.

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