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With more and more people reading news online, the Bedford Independent has fast become Bedford Borough’s most widely read news source with up to 160,000 individual readers a month.

As an independent news website, we provide unbiased, fact-checked and breaking news stories as they happen.

Whether it’s staying at the scene of a fire until the early hours of the morning, or reporting daily updates during the coronavirus pandemic, Bedfordians trust our content and know we’ll keep them updated with what’s important to them.

Partnering with the Bedford Independent gives you access to an unrivalled audience through a trusted, modern and cost-effective platform with the power to grow and promote your business or organisation exactly how you want.

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Our highly flexible packages can also be adjusted to suit any business or budget, so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re getting great marketing value.

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“We have run a number of advertising campaigns with the Bedford Independent and have been really pleased with the number of views and the click rate that our banners have achieved.

“It’s a very cost-effective way of getting our message out to a wide audience and the main advantage is being able to measure success in a way that hasn’t been possible with more traditional media.” – Sarah Elam, The Harpur Trust.

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