Happy Birthday to us! Bedford Independent turns three


Today marks the third anniversary of turning on BedfordIndependent.co.uk and beginning to provide, fact-checked, unbiased and comprehensive news about Bedford Borough.

Since 28 November 2018, we’ve published 4,135 public interest news pieces, 134 of which were exclusives, alongside 142 letters, 138 sports reports, 86 opinion pieces and 71 monthly columns.

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We’ve also delivered our daily news briefing to subscribers for the last 1,095 days.

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Our pages have been read 11 million times and we have up to 160,000 readers each month.

We’ve written about charity projects people might wish to support and, through the Bedford Clanger, continued to promote and support events and culture across the Borough.

We’ve highlighted Bedford’s excellent local businesses and raised awareness of local campaigns and missing people.

We’ve held authority figures to account, helped reunite beloved pets with their owners, and helped people who have suffered discrimination.

We also offer monthly columns to all political leaders, regardless of affiliation, so they may speak to our thousands of readers unhindered each month, although not all have taken us up on this offer.

While we’re very grateful for the support we receive from our readers, building Bedford’s most popular news desk has not always been easy.

We’ve overcome personal sacrifices and, as a small business, we have also faced the same struggles and concerns any small business will in its early years.

Thankfully our commercial director, Julia Course-Crofts, has kept us robust during difficult times.


No one could have predicted that 14 months after our launch we’d be entering a worldwide pandemic and our revenue would all but disappear overnight.

Thankfully we had reserves to keep the website running and we collectively decided to make sure that, above all else, Bedfordians had a trusted source of independent news to call upon.

While local print publications closed temporarily, we continued publishing daily updates of the Covid-19 situation across the Borough.

We partnered with the NHS and Bedford Borough Council to provide vital advice to Bedfordians about where to access support during the lockdown.

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Spread the love feature
Our ‘Spread the Love, Not the Virus’ campaign helped point people to support during the lockdown. (Artwork: Emma Lemon)

We gave local businesses free advertising and published articles with links to all businesses who had adapted their offering to remain open, while face-to-face interaction was banned.

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In May 2020, we received a boost when the European Journalism COVID-19 Support Fund and the Google News Initiative’s Journalism Relief Fund awarded us funding.

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Proving that we do provide a vital service, this funding helped us to keep the lights on at a time when a genuine local news desk, providing fact-checked news, was needed now more than ever.

During the pandemic, we’ve written 443 related articles and updated our confirmed COVID-19 cases page daily, and now weekly, for the last 930 days.

Stronger than ever

As the world, hopefully, continues to reopen we’re finding that we’re leaving lockdown stronger than when we went in.

We’ve taken on two freelancers, who support our co-managing editors Erica Roffe and Paul Hutchinson, and a sales manager who are all equally as passionate about Bedford as they are for local news.

We’re also working on our second Everyday Heroes Awards.

The Everyday Heroes Awards, celebrate those people in Bedford who would otherwise go unnoticed and without rightful thanks from the Borough.

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We’ll also soon be launching awards to celebrate Bedford’s local businesses and organisations too.

This is a part of our jobs that we all really enjoy.

Everyday Heroes Awards certificates
Each highly commended and winner in each category in our 2020 Everyday Heroes awards received original artwork by Carli Pfurtscheller

Trust in journalism

Local news shouldn’t be there just to criticise for the sake of it, write clickbait articles about the weather, or blindly copy and paste media releases and their typos.

We want to provide local news that is proud of the patch it serves. Yes, we will point out where it can be improved, but we will do so constructively and with balance.

We are proud to follow a strict code of conduct to foster greater trust in Journalism

While local news desks must hold leaders and authority figures to account, we believe we are not here to judge.

Instead, we aim to provide as much accurate information as we can so our readers can make their own judgement.

You can then decide how you want to make a difference, either by voting differently, joining a campaign, donating to a charity, or choosing to shop elsewhere.

The Bedford Independent was set up by local people for local people and we want the same thing you do, to highlight what makes Bedford Borough brilliant and help it do better.

We hope you’ll continue to read our pages and take part in the conversations we inspire, and if you think we need to do more or want to tell us what we do well, let us know.

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We choose to champion editorial independence, meaning we report the facts without bias and can stand up to those in power when we believe it’s needed.

We can give a voice to people in our community whose voices may otherwise not be heard. And we don’t have a paywall, so everyone can read the stories we publish for free.

But in this time of crisis, many news organisations all over the world are facing existential threat, with advertising revenues plummeting. We’re no different.

We work hard every day to bring you news, commentary, entertainment and announcements from across Bedford. We hope that, with your help, we’ll be able to continue this for many years to come.

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