EXCLUSIVE: The fox is in the henhouse as new Riverside North restaurant signs lease

Team Foxy Wings at Bedford Flea
Team Foxy at Bedford Flea

After a delay, thanks to legal hold-ups, Foxy Wings, Bedford’s lockdown pop-up favourite, has signed the lease on their new Riverside North premises.

Earlier this year, the Bedford-based Wing and Craft beer bar became a lockdown sensation and raised nearly £45,000 in an online Crowdfunder, over double their target.

This included individual donations from foxy fans and larger support from local business people.

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Now, the Foxy Wings team is starting to fit out their very own unit in Riverside North ready to welcome the town in for their wing and craft beer fix.

“It’s been so much more torturous and drawn out than we had expected, but we’re absolutely buzzing to get going on the build now,” said co-owner Matt Pearson.

His wife and business partner, Gabs, added: “We are just so grateful to the people who supported us back in the Spring with our Crowdfunder and have been keen for us to get going properly.

Opening soon

“Thank you all for being patient and bearing with us. We’re now in a much better position to control the process moving forward.”

Keeping the love for all things Foxy alive while paperwork took its time, Team Foxy – Matt, Gabs, Tim, and Jamie – ran successful pop-ups in Bedford and London during the summer.

Alongside their partner Beerfly and Three Hills Brewing, brewers of their house beer, Fantastic Mr Hops, they attended local events such as Bedford Flea and EatFeast.

Pressed for an open date, the team were only able to say that doors should open at the end of October or November this year.

But, Tim Edwards from Beerfly said they should have everything in place for everyone to enjoy a Christmas Party or two.

“We’re confident that the full bar and restaurant experience will be up and running in good time for Christmas and hope that we can get the takeaway open for some early previews in late October or early November, all being well,” he said.


Team Foxy is now looking to expand their numbers too, and have set up a website to help recruit staff.

People who are interested in finding out more about opportunities to join the Foxy Fam can register their interest at foxywings.co.uk.

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