Our team

The Bedford Independent is made up of passionate people who adhere to our ethics and editorial policy and mission.

They all live in Bedford Borough and are all committed to promoting the positives of our town, shining a light on where it can improve, and supporting the individuals and businesses that make Bedford Borough brilliant.


Senior Staff

Paul Hutchinson, Co-managing Editor

Erica Roffe, Co-managing Editor

Contact: news@BedfordIndependent.co.uk


Fay Barrett, Freelance Reporter

Adam Leach, Freelance Reporter

Contact: news@BedfordIndependent.co.uk


Tom Carr, Sports Editor

Contact: sport@BedfordIndependent.co.uk


Senior Staff

Julia Course-Crofts, Commercial Director

Contact: ads@BedfordIndependent.co.uk


Ann Rennell

Contact: ads@BedfordIndependent.co.uk


Paul Hutchinson, Marketing Director

Web design

Narrative Industries

Contact: NarrativeIndustries.com

You can read more about the Bedford Independent, our ethics policy, our editorial mission and our ownership at our About Us page.

Last amended: November 2021