Garry Forsyth officially confirmed as Bedfordshire’s new Chief Constable

(l-r) PCC, Kathryn Holloway and current DCC, Garry Forsyth.
(l-r) PCC, Kathryn Holloway and Bedfordshire Police's Chief Constable, Garry Forsyth.

Deputy Chief Constable, Garry Forsyth, has been officially confirmed as the new Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police and will replace Jon Boutcher next month.

Mr Forysth was the preferred candidate following a rigorous and transparent interview process led by Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Kathryn Holloway.

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Despite being chosen for the role in May, the appointment had to be approved by the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Panel.

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They unanimously agreed with the PCC at their meeting last night (18 June).

Speaking to the panel, Garry said: “What a huge honour it is to be in the position that I am in as the Police and Crime Commissioner’s preferred candidate.

“I came to Bedfordshire about two years ago now, having worked in five other forces across the country.

“And it is fair to say I have absolutely fallen in love with the place, both in terms of the location but also the organisation itself.

“From my perspective, there’s something very unique about this place and something very special about it.

“It’s really an honour for me and a real privilege to be able to commit to working with people in this room, and all of the main partners we enjoy such a good relationship with, in taking the force to the next level.”

He then answered a series of questions from panel members before being invited to leave the room while his appointment was confirmed.

The PCC thanked the panel for having confidence in her decision, later tweeting: “A huge congratulations to my future Chief Constable DCC Garry Forsyth…”

The panel’s regular chairman and independent member, Paul Cain, stood aside for the appointment proceedings as he had been involved with the interview process.

Instead, acting chairman Ian Dalgarno, a Central Bedfordshire Conservative councillor, looked after the proceedings

Jon Boutcher is stepping down in July after more than five years in the county and 35 years of police service “I have been incredibly fortunate to have had such a wonderful policing career.

“But being Chief Constable of Bedfordshire has been the highlight, without question,” said Jon.

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“The force is fantastic and it has been a privilege to be chief constable during this period which has seen us improve across the board.

“Bedfordshire as a force had previously faced criticism over many years. That is no longer the position.”

In the same meeting, Paul Cain was appointed chairman of the panel for a further 12 months, with Cllr Dalgarno elected as vice-chairman.

Words: David Tooley, Local Democracy Reporter and Paul Hutchinson

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