LIVE: Watch Bedfordshire choose a new Police Chief Constable

Police Chief Constable interview panel

Today (23 May) candidates for the role of Bedfordshire Police’s chief constable will face a public panel in what’s thought to be the first ever interview process of its kind to select a new police chief constable.

Watch the selection process live at our Bedford Borough Live page from 2pm.

Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Kathryn Holloway, has invited members of the public and the Bedfordshire Police workforce to attend a public panel that is forming part of the new chief constable’s selection process.

The candidates are:

  • Richard Martin – Deputy Assistant Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police
  • Jackie Sebire – Assistant Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police
  • Garry Forsyth – Deputy Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police

The new Chief Constable will replace Jon Boutcher who is standing down in July.

In another landmark event, the panel will also be live streamed online via Facebook and also on the Bedford Independent‘s Bedford Borough Live page.

During the panel part of the selection process, each candidate will:

  • Give a 10 minute presentation to the audience, detailing the ways they intend to secure and build on Bedfordshire Police’s improvements and current service
  • Face 10 minutes of questions, selected at random from the audience present

The public panel makes up just one part of a rigorous selection process awaiting the candidates during their assessment day on 23 May.

Applicants will also undergo interviews on a one to one basis with a variety of people that they’ll be required to have strong working relationships with in their role as Chief Constable.

These include representatives from other blue light services, Bedfordshire Police, and business.

They’ll also be required to deliver two media interviews in response to an unfolding emergency scenario.

Commissioner Holloway said: “My aim is for this to be the most transparent recruitment process for a new Chief in the history of Bedfordshire Police.

“The Chief Constable clearly sets the tone for the organisation and the way it delivers its operations across the county.

“I want to see how they interact with our own residents and employees to ensure that our new police leader is comfortable answering not only to me but to the people they serve.”

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