Garry Forsyth announced as next Bedfordshire Police chief constable

(l-r) PCC, Kathryn Holloway and current DCC, Garry Forsyth.
(l-r) PCC, Kathryn Holloway and Bedfordshire Police's Chief Constable, Garry Forsyth.

Garry Forsyth, the current Deputy Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police will replace Jon Boucher as the force’s top cop it has been announced.

Garry beat two other candidates to the post. Richard Martin, Deputy Assistant Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police and Jackie Sebire, Assistant Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police.

PCC, Kathryn Holloway made the announcement in a tweet this morning saying: “I’m so looking forward to working more closely with Garry as the new Chief Constable @bedspolice…”

In response, Garry tweeted: “I am truly delighted to be selected as @KHollowayPCC preferred candidate to follow my friend Jon Boutcher as the next Chief Constable of @bedspolice.

“A genuinely tough, demanding and uniquely transparent process with some excellent candidates. What a privilege!! #overthemoon”

Later, in an official statement, Garry added: “I am absolutely delighted to be selected as the PCC’s preferred candidate to become the next Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police.

“It was an extremely challenging and demanding process with strong competition from two excellent chief officer colleagues, so to come out as the successful candidate is a hugely proud moment for me both personally and professionally.

“…I am excited at the prospect of leading this fabulous Force to continue the success we have seen in recent times.”

The selection day, on 23 May, opened with interviews with the PCC and Britain’s most experienced Chief Constable, Andy Marsh of Avon and Somerset Police.

Candidates were then also interviewed by Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Chief Paul Fuller, the politically independent Chair of the Police and Crime Panel Paul Cain, and Bedfordshire housing developer Steven Smith, who was representing the business community.

These interviews were followed by two demanding mock media interviews to see how they’d cope during a developing emergency situation.

In the afternoon, candidates also faced a public panel to present their vision for Bedfordshire Police and also answer questions from the gathered audience.

This part of the process was also live streamed on social media and via the Bedford Independent‘s ‘Bedford Borough Live’ pages.

Bedfordshire’s PCC, Kathryn Holloway added: “I’m absolutely delighted to select Garry as my choice to be the next Chief Constable of Bedfordshire…

“He was outstanding throughout the entire process and it’s hugely important to me that the public and the Bedfordshire Police workforce know that their next Chief is being selected entirely on the basis of his own merit.”

“Garry was the leader when marked by all of the assessors in the first two stages, as well as in feedback from the public and partners when judged as a whole.”

The appointment is now subject to confirmation by the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Panel. This will happen at a hearing on a date still to be agreed and following a report on the selection process from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Once confirmed, the successful candidate will replace current Chief Constable, Jon Boutcher, who stands down in July.

This is an updated version of a story published earlier
this morning and updated at 3.30pm, 24 May 2019.

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