Bedford Creative Arts adds a splash of colour to Pine Cones Family Hub

Artist Emma Barnie with Anne Harnan of Bedford Creative Arts. Image: Bedford Borough Council
Artist Emma Barnie with Anne Harnan of Bedford Creative Arts. Image: Bedford Borough Council

A pair of sheds at Pine Cones Family Hub in Bedford have had a colourful makeover thanks to Bedford Creative Arts.

The designs were created by artist, Emma Barnie, with the input of youngsters from both Pine Cones and the neighbouring Livingstone Primary School on Slade Walk.

Children, their families and carers spent their Easter holiday helping paint the sheds and create the final masterpiece.

Artist Emma said: “We did workshops at Pine Cones and Livingstone, talking to families and Year 5 children about what was important to them.

“They came up with the themes of fun, play, togetherness, trips out, protectiveness, support, and safety. We then came up with two different but complimentary designs.”

One of the designs shows an enchanted forest, while the other has pinecones which represent protection and are underneath the pine trees outside the school and Family Hub.

Anne Harnan, projects manager for Bedford Creative Arts, said: “We had children, their families and carers joining us throughout the week of painting, it’s been a really fun experience.

“We want to make it as welcoming as possible here, and what could be more welcoming than seeing your own hard work every day you come to the Family Hub?

“You can see how much people appreciate the school, and the positive impact that the Family Hub has on people’s lives. These are safe, welcoming spaces, and art is a great leveller too.”

There are two Family Hubs in Bedford. Pine Cones is on Slade Walk (off Clapham Road) and the Queen’s Park hub is on Marlborough Road.

Family hubs provide support for all families, from the moment you are expecting a child until they turn 19 or – if they have special educational needs – until they turn 25. They have activities and support for all ages, including a full timetable for children aged up to five years old.

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