SpectaculArts launches plan to create spectacular education

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SpectaculArts, the organisation behind the first ever full Bedford Carnival due to take place this year, has announced a new plan to help people gain basic life skills and find out what it’s like working in various industries through dedicated workshops and career taster sessions.

The Career Taster Sessions will be in partnership with local businesses who will host workshops that give attendees basic training in their industry.

The Life Skills Workshops will be a chance for people to pass on their skills for the benefit of other people.

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Already two local companies have signed up to host Career Taster Sessions, Image Barbers and the Bedford Independent, who will start running their sessions from February.

  • Image Barbers will host barbering skills session once a month, allowing anyone interested in taking up barbering or hairdressing a taste of what’s involved.
  • The Bedford Independent, will host interview and writing skills workshops giving young writers and aspirational journalists a chance to learn how to interview people and develop their writing skills.

Meanwhile, for the Life Skills Workshops, local car Audio and Accessories specialist, Autotronix, is planning to host a Vehicle Life Skills Workshop for anyone wanting to learn basic car mechanic skills.

SpectactulArts is also talking to local chefs who will hopefully teach attendees cuisine from all over the world.

Spectacularts Workshops
Spectacularts Workshops

Sharon De Leonardis, founder of SpectaculArts wants to hear from anyone in the local area who would like to support the workshops or careers taster sessions and donate their time.

“It’s not about money it’s about the exchanging of skills” says Sharon “Bedford is full of amazingly talented people and fascinating businesses and we want to bring them together with anyone who has a desire to learn or is looking to plan their future career.”

While all workshops and sessions are open to anyone and everyone, the Life Skills Workshops will be more aimed at people looking to gain a new skill or hobby.

Sharon says she hopes these workshops and taster sessions will continue for many years to come: “SpectaculArts isn’t just about a once a year event, we want to create a legacy that has a long-term positive impact on people in our town, helping them find a career that is right for them or helping skills stay alive.

“We’d now like other businesses to join in and help show people why working in their industry is a good idea, helping to create their work force of the future. Whereas local experts can get involved and pass on the knowledge they’ve gained over the years.”

To find out more about the workshops or talk to Sharon about how you can host a Life Skills Workshop or your business can host a Career Taster Sessions, contact Sharon@spectacularts.co.uk

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