Rescued rabbit inspires ‘Pimp My Ride’ fundraiser


Bedford local, Kelly Trense, has decided to decorate her car as a giant bunny to raise money for an animal charity close to her heart.

Hula Animal Rescue Bedfordshire works to rehouse rabbits to homes where they will be cared for and loved and Kelly has been a fosterer for the charity for the last eight months after finding an abandoned rabbit at Priory Country Park.

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Kelly is choosing to help raise awareness for rabbit care as well as to raise money for the charity to help them to reach their target of £1,500 to pay for essentials such as hides, toys and treats for the rabbits currently in their care.

Kelly has homed five rescue rabbits and currently has one foster rabbit. She told the Bedford Independent that she had always loved rabbits but had a break from owning them until she found Bramble, a poor rabbit who had been ‘dumped’ in the bramble at priory county park three years ago.

Fluffy Bramble and his brown and white bunny 'wife' and felllow rescue Primrose
Fluffy Bramble and his brown and white bunny ‘wife’ and fellow rescue Primrose

Kelly said: “There are currently loads more rabbits in rescue than ever before and rescues are struggling to cope.

“So by decorating my car as a giant bunny (for a month) I want to raise awareness of rabbits needing good homes with the right care, while embarrassing my kids, but that’s an added bonus.”

Kelly’s knowledge and love for rabbits radiates through her devotion to fundraising and is truly inspirational.

As a rabbit fosterer and lover, Kelly knows a lot of do’s and don’ts of looking after such precious animals and said: “Rabbits are harder to care for than people think and so they buy them on a whim and realise they can’t cope or understand their complex needs.

“Hence why so many are now being given up and handed into rescue after Lockdown purchases

“They have to be in pairs as they are social, the right homes (hutches are not enough) they need sheds, playhouses and 24/7 access to a predator-proof run or aviary.

“They need neutering/spaying as this helps with aggression once past baby stage and finally, they have to be vaccinated (yearly) so are as expensive if not more expensive than a dog.”

Hula Animal Rescue Bedfordshire has lots of bunnies in need of homes and is always in need of donations to help care for the rabbits and help people to look after them after adoption.

So along with Hula, Kelly hopes to end bunny mistreatment and give them all loving and safe homes away from the shelters.

You can donate to the Hula charity here and get updates about Bramble and the fundraising on Kelly’s Instagram here.

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