Abandoned Bedford bunny now an Instagram star helping to save others

Fluffy Bramble and his brown and white bunny 'wife' and felllow rescue Primrose
Fluffy Bramble and his brown and white bunny 'wife' and fellow rescue Primrose

A rabbit dumped in the Priory Country Park car park two years ago is now an Instagram star with over 5,000 followers living a life of luxury.

Bramble, is lovingly described as a “flea-ridden, wonky teethed, skinny rabbit” but is being given a wonderful second chance by his new owner Kelly Trense.

“I’d love the people that dumped him to spot him and realise how different his life could have been with the right love and care,” said Kelly.

“Hopefully seeing Bumble will stop more people dumping their pet rabbits into the wild, where they can’t survive. It is literally a death sentence for them.”

In 2020, 1,174 abandoned rabbits were reported to the RSPCA. However, the animal charity took in a massive 2,653 rabbits altogether.

Just in the first three months of 2021, the RSPCA received reports about 150 abandoned rabbits, 78 dumped guinea pigs and 51 abandoned hamsters.

On their website, the RSPCA say they’re worried that as we leave lockdown more and more animals like Bramble will be abandoned.


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“With a huge surge in interest for pet ownership during the lockdown, we’re concerned that some people may be buying pets on impulse,” they said.

Kelly hopes that through Bumble’s Instagram page, people will think twice about abandoning their rabbits, and others will be encouraged to give rescues a second chance.

“The Rabbit Residence is currently struggling with an influx of dumped rabbits,” says Kelly.

“This is a lot to do with lockdown impulse buys and also over breeding as people don’t realise how quick rabbits breed and the amount of space, cost (vaccines and neutering) and time they need.

“Rabbits are not lesser pets than a cat or a dog but people treat them as such.”

You can find out more about The Rabbit Residence, which is dedicated to abandoned rabbits, here.

And you can follow Bramble on his Instagram page @Bramble_bunny.

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