Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na becomes latest celebrity ‘Bear and the Piano’ reader

Chali 2na of Jurassic5 is the latest hip hop legend to read a children's story

Bedford author and illustrator, David Litchfield, was on BBC6Music this morning, talking to Lauren Laverne about the latest celebrity to share their love of his book, the Bear and the Piano.

David featured on Lauren’s ‘6 Musings’ slot, talking about his inspiration and about Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na who will be reading the Bear and the Piano live on YouTube tonight as part of Moon Lane bookshop’s Hip Hop Love Books.

Speaking to the Bedford Independent, David said, “I’ve done a couple of events with Moon Lane bookshop [pre lockdown] and they have been sharing book readings by hip hop legends during lockdown.

“I was a fan of Jurassic 5 in the late 90s and early 00s so I was thrilled to find out Chali 2na was reading my book.

“He’s got such a beautiful, calming and soulful voice.”

David Litchfield
David Litchfield

Chali is the latest celebrity to read the Bear and the Piano to their social media followers.

You may remember we wrote about Josh ‘Olaf from Frozen’ Gadd reading it a few weeks ago, and he’s now been joined by Take That’s Howard Donald.

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“I never know they’re happening,” said David. “They just pop up on my timeline as a lovely surprise.”

David told us that he and his family are all recovering from suspected coronavirus, having been hit by it about a month ago.

“I was just about to go online to read the Bear and Piano when I became ill,” said David. “Then Josh Gadd (Olaf) went live with his, so I couldn’t really compete with that.”

You can see David reading and drawing live at Bedford’s Booktastic Book Festival, taking place virtually on YouTube next month.

Subscribe to the Booktastic their YouTube channel here.

You can watch Chali 2na on YouTube tonight at 6pm here.

You can listen again to Lauren Laverne’s BBC6Music show on BBC Sounds.

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