Great Bedfordian: Tim Edwards of Beerfly

Tim Edwards. Image: Beerfly

This month’s Great Bedfordian is Tim Edwards, the host with the most at Bedford’s favourite craft beer shop, Beerfly on St Cuthbert’s Street.

Tim is passionate about Bedford’s indie businesses and loves nothing better than collaborating on projects and events to put our town on the map.

You’ll regularly find Tim propping up the bar, advising customers on the latest IPAs, DIPAs and NEIPAs and today (Sunday, 26 May) he’ll be helping organise the St Cuthbert’s Street Festival.

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Over to you Tim…

Name: Tim Edwards

Occupation: Beer Slinger and general dogsbody at Beerfly craft beer shop.

Born here or blow in? I came to school here back in the 90s and came back to live here nearly 10 years ago.

Best breakfast in Bedford? I love what Anthony and Jenny are doing at Roosters next door to us on St. Cuthbert’s, great sandwiches and daily specials but their Full English is a bloody good start to any day!

Best boozer? Apart from Beerfly which isn’t really a “boozer” but does have a great community vibe, I really like The Devvy & The Welly, proper pubs, great beers! 

Best coffee or cuppa? At the risk of suggesting you only need to visit St. Cuthbert’s Street, I think Vanilla Tree is the best place for coffee in town and the salt beef bagels or a slice of Tracy’s Victoria Sponge go down a treat too.

Best gig you’ve seen in Bedford? I saw Ocean Colour Scene and Dodgy in Bedford Park a couple of years ago, a great night, they both still sounded awesome and it took me right back to growing up with great music, crap beer and a bunch of mates!

Ever read John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress? Not all the way through, I’ve seen the cover a few times. 

Ever eaten a Bedfordshire Clanger? No, I’ve had a few Cornish pasties and the odd apple pie but not at the same time. 

Hill Rise Nature Reserve
Hill Rise Nature Reserve. Image: Hill Rise

An off-the-beaten-track gem that everyone should know about? I live by Bedford Park and we have the beautiful Hill Rise Nature Reserve right on our doorstep, I’ll be sad when the kids don’t want to track the progress of the frog spawn to full-grown, but mysteriously invisible, frogs through the spring/summer.

Best Bedfordian? There are a few candidates, I think what Gareth Barber continues to do at Esquires and with Pad Presents is incredible, hopefully, soon I’ll be able to get there more often. 

I also think what Tom and Jess Answer have done to build a second nationally recognised brand in Boyd’s of Bedford is a remarkable feat worthy of the title. I think Carol Vorderman is a Bedfordian by birth too isn’t she? I like what she’s saying these days too!!

Three words that best sum up Bedford? Eclectic, Community, Rising