Going Higher exhibition launches at Bromham Mill

Bromham Mill

Bromham Mill’s new art exhibition opened on Saturday, featuring work by people who identify as disabled through physical or mental health.

Going Higher opened on 1 February as a celebration of the work done by community and therapeutic art practitioners and centres.

Some of the work also reflects the experience of disabled people who use art activism.

“An artistic space at its best is where artists, tradition and cultural keepers are curating work that can be world confirming or challenging, fosters critical thinking and expands compassion to create a more generative society,” explained a spokesperson.

Work has been given by The Recovery College Bedford, Youth Inspired, Vince Laws, Mary E Hearne, Anne-Marie Abbate, Jill Reynolds and Sew N Sew.

“We have a wide variety of work including textiles, mixed media collage, painting, sculpture and poetry,”

“Textile techniques include embroidery, collage, quilting, appliqué and stencil hangings made by Vince Laws that form a backdrop to his performance poetry.”

Bromham Mill Gallery is a rural heritage site with a small cafe on the ground floor, accessible by wheelchair.

The mill is a quiet friendly setting where visitors can find quiet areas to sit. The main gallery for the exhibition space is accessible up about 20 steps and has a hand rail on one side. There are chairs to sit on in the main gallery.

If blind groups wish to visit they can request a guided tour by appointment.

Going Higher at Bromham Mill
Saturday 1 February – Saturday 7 March<
10am – 3pm

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