Carlton pub takes CAMRA crown as North Bedfordshire pub of the year

The Fox, Carlton. Image: The Fox

The Fox at Carlton has been named the North Bedfordshire Pub of the Year, with judges saying the free house is “a fine establishment”.

Dan Veal, North Bedfordshire CAMRA chair, told the Bedford Independent, “After many years of winning a variety of awards, this year the country free house has come away with the top award.

“We are delighted to hand Alison this award, as she is committed to running a fine establishment and always has a selection of interesting beers available.”

Dan Veal from CAMRA and owner Alison at the Fox at Carlton, who have been named North Bedfordshire Pub of the Year 2022
Dan Veal from CAMRA and owner Alison at the Fox at Carlton, who have been named North Bedfordshire Pub of the Year 2022

A number of other awards were handed out this year.

The Devonshire Arms on Dudley Street, Bedford, which has taken the title of Pub of the Year twice before, was this year named Town Pub of the Year.

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“Ronnie and Rebecca run a gem of a pub, friendly service as well as a welcoming atmosphere. The Devonshire Arms is always a delight to drink in,” said Dan.

CAMRA’s Dan Veal between Ronnie and Rebecca landlord and lady of the Devonshire Arms and other staff with their Town Pub of the Year 2022 award.

The Gordon Arms, Bedford took their Community Pub of the Year award this year for their outstanding contribution to the community.

Speaking about the Castle Road pub that reopened after an extensive refurb last year, Dan said: “They hold regular quiz nights where profits go to charity, their project for Ukraine was a huge success, they have food bank collections as well as being a local hub for the community policing team.

“The Gordon Arms truly is a pillar of the community.”

North Bedfordshire CAMRA campaigns for real ale and better beer and cider quality across Bedford Borough.

They also host the Bedford Beer Festival, which will return later this year, running from 5 – 8 October.

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