Bedford’s shops begin to close their doors, alongside McDonald’s and Nando’s

McDonalds on Bedford High Street

As social distancing becomes a reality and more staff and customers enter self-isolation, many of Bedford’s shops and businesses are temporarily closing their doors.

This follows announcements from McDonald’s and Nando’s that their restaurants will be closing nationwide at the end of the day today (Monday)

Costa Coffee and Subway have said they also plan to close branches from today.

Bedford’s cafes, restaurants and pubs closed on Friday, following a government crackdown on mass gatherings. Many businesses were still offering takeaways, but McDonald’s and Nando’s have said they need to protect the wellbeing of their staff and customers.

Many of McDonald’s employees are on zero-hours contracts and the chain said staff directly employed by the company would receive full pay for their scheduled hours until 5 April.

The Bedford Independent contacted the McDonald’s franchise-holder in Bedford for a comment, but had not received a response by the time of publication.

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A number of Bedford’s independent businesses including La Piazza, Boutique Planet, Cavalier Club Barbershop, épanoui and Slide Record Shop have reluctantly shut up shop for the time being.

Libby at La Piazza posted a video to their Facebook page, asking customers to stay safe and look after themselves.

The Bedford Independent is urging readers to pledge their support to all local businesses as soon as they’re safely able to re-open.

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