Bedford villages to get more average speed cameras

Average Speed Camera Sign

Bromham, Clapham, Colmworth, Elstow and Willington will soon have average speed cameras installed in an effort to increase road safety.

But it’s not just villages who will benefit, Hillgrounds Road in Kempston and Mile Road in Bedford will also be joining the average speed camera network across Bedford Borough.

Average speed cameras measure a vehicles speed over a set distance, rather than at a fixed point, and are designed to have a greater long term effect on how fast people drive.

Like all councils, Bedford Borough Council does not make money from the cameras as it is retained by Central Government.

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Mayor Dave Hodgson said: “Speeding is a common concern for local communities across the Borough, so we are taking action to reduce speeds and make our roads safer.

“These cameras will join other average speed cameras already in place in our Borough, which have already had a positive impact on road users and local communities.

“They have brought speeds down, made our roads safer for all and improved the day-to-day experience of those who live in proximity to speeding hotspots.”

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