Youth TV’s Earth Day special highlights climate change and environmental awareness

Youth TV's Urban and Michelle on location at the Forest of Marston Vale

A local youth TV programme is dedicating its April edition to Earth Day (22 April) broadcasting an environmental special on Friday to coincide with other activities taking place across the world.

Hosted by Urban Judge and Michelle Papworth, the special edition of The Show was filmed partially on location at the Millenium Country Park in Marston Vale. It also features interviews with Britain’s Got Talent contestants SOSFromTheKids and ITV Anglia’s weather forecaster and meteorologies, Chris Page.

Youth TV is supported by the charity, Groundwork East.

“Earth Day is an important date in the environmental calendar,” said senior executive manager and co-presenter, Urban Judge.

“As young people, we feel that we must raise awareness of climate change and the devastation it causes on our planet because our generation will pay the price if nothing is done to stop extreme weather.

“It gave us the perfect opportunity to record outside, on location, for the first time. We feel like, as a team, we have learned new skills.”

Urban said: “Recording on location for the first time with Youth TV was an incredible experience. Working with Groundwork East is always a joy. They bring their expert knowledge and skills to the project every time we meet, whether in-person recording or meetings.

“I can’t wait for what’s next.”

Deputy executive manager and co-presenter, Michelle Papworth, described creating the special episode as an “incredible experience.”

“We have collaborated with many amazing people, gotten to record in a beautiful location, had great fun as well as learnt a lot about our planet and how to help save it – all aspects which really make this edition of The Show an impressive and interesting event for us as a team as well as for our viewers.

“I hope that everybody will find this episode to be as fun and eye-opening to watch as it was for us to film.”

On location with staff at the Millenium Country Park

Groundwork East’s area manager, Diana Hedley, also an executive producer for Youth TV said the Millennium Country Park provided the perfect backdrop for the Earth Day special.

Cate Gosling, Communications Officer for the Forest of Marston Vale Trust, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome the Youth TV team to Millennium Country Park in the Forest of Marston Vale.

“As a Community Forest, we know the importance of accessible natural places for people, wildlife, and the planet.

“It’s fantastic to see a group of young people passionate about their community, and we’re happy that they chose to focus on the need to protect our global and local environment for their Earth Day special.”

Youth TV’s Earth Day special will premiere on Youth TV’s website and YouTube channel at 6.30pm on Friday 22 April.

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