Young artist creates lasting tribute to Bromham’s fallen soldiers

Henry Parrott
Henry Parrott alongside his poignant sculpture Photo credit: Shaun Armstrong

A sculpture by a former Sharnbrook student and Bromham resident has been unveiled in the village to commemorate Armistice Day.

Henry Parrott, who is studying mechanical engineering at Oxford Brookes University during his apprenticeship at Millbrook Proving Ground, was commissioned by Bromham Parish Council to create a memorial for the village.

The 22-year-old created the piece from recycled and reclaimed materials including copper water cylinders to make the 10 poppies that surround the silhouette of the soldier.

“As a local young artist it has been great to leave my mark on the village of Bromham and create a sculpture which will be seen for many years and to remember those who have fallen,” said Henry.

Henry, whose hobby and passion is metal artwork, built the sculpture in a the summerhouse in his garden which as been converted into a workshop.

For the last four years he’s been making artworks in his spare time and Henry sells his pieces at local events including the Made In Bedford Artisan Fair and at Bromham Show.

“I was commissioned through the parish council,” said Henry.

“They’d seen some of my previous work at the Bromham Show and got in touch back in February.

“Although I’ve never made anything like this before, I was really excited by the challenge so I said I’d give it a go.

“After a few quick sketches and some ideas I started work in October and luckily managed to get it finished in time. It was a really interesting item to make and very poignant.”

Henry, a former Harrold Lower, Middle and Sharnbrook student, has lived in Bromham all his life and since the sculpture was unveiled, has been contacted by lots of people, including former teachers, to congratulate him.

“It’s great for the village to have something that will be there for years to come,” Henry told the Bedford Independent.

“It’s a lovely permanent focal point for remembrance all through the year.”

You can see more of Henry’s work on is Instagram page and on Facebook.

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