Work begins on London Road and Elstow Road traffic light upgrade

London Road and Elstow Road
The junction of London Road and Elstow Road (image: Google Maps)

Temporary traffic lights will be in place at the Elstow Road and London Road junction as works begin this week to upgrade the traffic lights.

The works will be in place for three weeks at the junction by Dunelm Mill and B&M as part of the wider Transporting Bedford project – the largest ever investment in Bedford’s roads.

It is to install equipment and software to improve the detection and control of traffic, along with new signal heads, re-wiring, and some pavement works at the crossing points.

Bedford Borough Council says that part of this project is the upgrading of a number of traffic light junctions with the latest technology so that they operate more efficiently, reduce congestion, and improve journey times for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

These upgrades will make Bedford’s traffic light system better connected, better able to respond to demand and help manage traffic.

Other recently upgraded traffic light junctions including Newhnam Avenue and Goldington Road, River Street and Midland Road, St Peters Street and St Cuthbert’s Street, and Bromham Road and Union Street.

Further traffic light upgrades will be taking place at Prebend Street, Kingsway and Cauldwell Street early next year.

Cllr Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for Transport said, “These traffic light upgrades are relatively minor pieces of work when compared with the major structural road changes taking place elsewhere in the town through the Transporting Bedford project.

“But they are no less important in their impact; by upgrading these junctions and making our traffic management network better connected, we should see congestion start to reduce, and our roads become safer.

“During these three weeks of works at London Road and Elstow Road, there will be temporary traffic lights in place to keep this junction moving and safe for all.

“Overnight resurfacing works are also taking place further along London Road, minimising future disruption for residents and businesses in the area.”

Transporting Bedford is an £18million project to tackle congestion hotspots in Bedford, funded by both Bedford Borough Council and £15.5M funding from the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP), through the Local Growth Fund and represents the largest ever investment in Bedford’s roads.

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