Women of Bedford gather to discuss how they can inspire each other


A Women of Bedford roundtable event has brought together business women from across Bedford, to find out the challenges women have faced in their careers and how they can now support others to achieve their own goals.

Meeting on International Women’s Day earlier this month, the round table featured women who have risen to upper levels at the companies where they work or have started successful businesses themselves.

Chair of Women of Bedord, Rachael Rogan said: “In Bedford we are part of a community with many successful women and role models. What can we learn from each other, what would we do differently and what do we think really makes the difference?

“We will seek to draw our discussion together with a paper sharing our key thoughts and actions as we look ahead to what 2019 holds for women.”

Around 20 women from across Bedford attended the event, held at Bedford Heights on Brickhill Drive, to discuss their careers, the challenges they’ve faced and what they now want to do to influence change so women today don’t face the same challenges.

“The women that we’ve had here today reflect the fact that we have a wealth of high achieving, senior, passionate women in industry and business. But that just isn’t reflected at high levels in most businesses.

“Given that we are senior influencers in our community, we are now in a position to make those changes.

“It’s been wonderful to hear high level women from across business and industry talking about how they are trying to affect change in their organisations.”

Women of Bedford Roundtable group shot 2019Women of Bedford are also campaigning to get women from Bedford’s history recognised.

They plan to erect a statue of Amy Walmsley, who moved to Bedford in 1896 and became head of a local school, a business leader, educationalist, suffragette and politician.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Despite a wealth of strong, high-achieving women in our history, not one of the 11 existing works of public art in Bedford is of a female.

“This is a common theme across the country. Alongside raising fund to make the statue a reality, we are initiating projects that raise awareness of the amazing achievements of Bedford women, past and present, to inspire future generations.”

For more information, head to www.womenofbedford.org.uk/

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