Wilstead Harriers and their sponsors are putting Bedford football on the map

Wilstead Harriers U14

Two successful Bedford exports came together last week when Wilstead Harriers U14 team presented their sponsors of two years running, Axis Electronics, with a framed shirt, signed by the team and their trainers.

Paul Chaplin, Axis Managing Director, and Sarah Clough, HR Director, braved a windy Thursday evening to attend a training session and meet with the boys, their trainers and their parents before the presentation.

Wilstead Harriers are riding high having achieved first place in Chiltern Youth League for five out of six seasons following their formation in 2012.

The team won the League Cup in 2017, the Chiltern Youth Invitational Cup in 2018 and participated in last year’s Aces National Final.

Carl Roberts, their trainer (who has a long association with Bedford football) is excited about their future.

“We’ve got off to a flying start in this year’s league by winning every match to date,” he said.

“The boys are forever pushing each other to reach new boundaries and the atmosphere at training is always very upbeat.

“This year we’re participating in a number of regional cups and we’re also hoping to represent Bedfordshire again in the Aces UK Final.

“It was great to get the boys together with our sponsors at a training session.  We’re tremendously grateful to Axis Electronics for their ongoing support of our club and would welcome them at our matches any time.”

Wilstead Harriers U14
Axis MD Paul Chaplin received the signed shirt from Wilstead Harriers U14s

Axis’ Paul Chaplin was impressed the standard of football and team dedication.  He said, “We were delighted to get this chance to see the boys in action. As one of the biggest employers in Bedford, Axis Electronics is at the heart of the local community.

“Wilstead U14s have made some magnificent achievements in their time together. They’re great ambassadors for local talent and we will display their gold shirt in our offices with pride!”

For any budding young footballers out there, Carl and several of the Wilstead team volunteer as trainers at Bedford Mini Soccer School.  The Soccer School (suitable for children from Reception to Year 7) takes place on Saturday mornings at Newnham School from 10:45 – 12:30.

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