Will Hooley meets… the Ouse Valley Eagles


We are spoilt for choice when it comes to sport in Bedford. Rugby and football dominate the headlines, but I decided to jump outside the box and discuss another oval ball game, one that has come from across the pond.

Familiar with it or not, this Sunday, Super Bowl LIII takes place in Atlanta, USA. The New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams in one of sports greatest annual events.

To bring you the hype and show what this sport is all about, I took myself down to watch Bedford’s very own American football team, the Ouse Valley Eagles, pad up and practice ahead of their up and coming season.

I take a look at how American Football can be for anyone, any shape any size or any ability, there is a place for everyone.

And if you find you want to take part, the Ouse Valley Eagles welcome people to come down and get involved in their weekly Sunday practices.

Ouse Valley Team ShotSuper Bowl LIII images: Paul Abell via Abell Images for ATL Super Bowl Host Committee