Where there’s a will, Bedford’s Fitness Collective has a way

The Fitness Collective Gym space members working out image The Fit Co
The Fitness Collective is in the heart of Bedford on Dane Street. Image: The Fit Co

“We strive to be a gym that’s like nothing else around,” says Dan Frammingham, the new owner of The Fitness Collective, located in the heart of Bedford town centre on Dane Street.

While Dan is the new owner, The Fit Co, as they’ve come to be known, has been helping Bedford people change their lives through health, fitness, and companionship for over seven years.

The gym specialises in offering Personal Training with outstanding and qualified coaches in a variety of different settings, this includes:

• one to one
• two to one or
• small group coaching (up to 6 people)

Dan Frammingham says he’s proud of his team and what they deliver: “As someone who has been around the block in the fitness industry, I have no problem in saying that we are the very best at what we do.”

Dan is well qualified to make this claim, he has worked with a variety of coaches over his 20 years of experience and says that The Fit Co are proud to boast the “highest quality people and coaches” that he’s ever worked for.

“It’s a community building strong people for everyday life,” he says.

The Fitness Collective Gym space. Image: The Fit Co
The Fitness Collective Gym space. Image: The Fit Co

The Fitness Collective’s community ranges from young professionals through to other business owners, to NHS staff, to stay-at-home parents. Whatever your ability, if there’s a will, then The Fitness Collective have a way for you.

One of the members of The Fitness Collective, Lou, had this to say:

“I love that I feel safe and welcomed at The Fit Co, encouraged to push myself and celebrated when I do. As a female being at The Fit Co, it’s not intimidating, coaching is always great, even when at my morning worst mood.

“Although, the brilliant free coffee does help everyone is helpful and knowledgeable; I’d really recommend it to anyone.”

And it’s not just physical health that owner Dan ‘Fram’ wants to emphasise at the Fit Co, placing importance on personal relationships to help members work on their mental as well as physical well-being.

“We know that many people struggle in big commercial gyms, whether that’s feeling intimidated or simply not knowing where to start,” adds Dan.

“So that’s why we want to make sure your sessions at The Fit Co are the best parts of your day. Our coaches work really hard to make sure they get to know you, and your goals and that your sessions are tailored to suit you.

“Leaving you to feel encouraged, not only meeting your goals but beating them!”

Dan Frammingham The Fitness Collective. Image: The Fit Co

Another member of The Fit Co, Rob agrees it’s a great place to work out, “I always struggled to motivate myself to get to the gym, but The Fit Co is a friendly place with constant support on offer, and I genuinely look forward to training. Something I never thought I’d say!”

The Fit Co’s core goal remains to help people reduce their pain, build strength, and improve fitness, leading to the quality of people’s lives being completely transformed.

The gym is open seven days a week, and always offers ‘Try before you buy’ on small groups.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more about The Fitness Collective or to try three free sessions, contact The Fitness Collective at info@fitnesscollective.co.uk or by clicking the link here.

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