Watch: Bedford MP asks PM if he agrees that “Lawbreakers should not be lawmakers”

Boris Johnson
The PM apologised to his parliamentary colleagues after receiving fines for 'partygate' gatherings
Bedford & Kempston MP, Mohammad Yasin (Labour) asked a question to Boris Johnson in Parliament yesterday (Tuesday), saying, “Lawbreakers should not be lawmakers.”
The question related to the fixed penalty notices that Mr Johnson and other senior Conservatives have received after they broke lockdown rules at Downing Street in what has become known as ‘partygate’.
Mr Yasin spoke about his constituents who had “put their lives on hold, missing out on big life events and even losing the chance to say goodbye to loved ones” as they obeyed lockdown guidelines.
He then asked if the Prime Minister agreed with one of his constituents, Robert, that “lawbreakers should not be lawmakers”.


In a statement on his Facebook page, Mr Yasin said: “Boris Johnson is the first sitting British Prime Minister to have been found to have broken the law.
“This is not a trivial matter.
“If he gets away with misleading Parliament and lying to the nation, I genuinely fear for our democracy. Decency and probity in public office matters.”

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