Universal Studios says “Hello, Bedford” with new website dedicated to theme park plan

Universal Globe at theme park. Image: Universal Destinations & Experiences
Image: Universal Destinations & Experiences

A new website, detailing information and plans about a possible Universal Theme Park in Bedford Borough has been launched to help answer questions and introduce the company behind the project to local people.

universalukproject.co.uk provides information for the community, other stakeholders and media all in one convenient place.

Its pages include details of Universal Studios theme parks across the world, while also explaining how Comcast, the owners of Universal Destinations & Experiences, hope to work with local people as they progress with the project.

A letter to Bedfordians from John McReynolds, External Affairs at Universal Destinations & Experiences and Gidon Freeman, Government and Regulatory Affairs at NBCUniversal is also on the website.

In the letter they set out who Universal Destinations & Experiences are and that is it part of Comcast Corporation which is based in the United States.

They emphasise that while they own land at Kempston Hardwick, they are only in the very early stages of exploring the possibility of a potential park and resort experience in Bedford Borough.

“It may well therefore be many months before we decide whether to proceed with the project,” says the letter.

Highlighting what might be coming to our doorstep, Mr Reynolds and Mr Freeman write about the other Universal Studios theme parks around the world.

“Our destinations around the world — from the United States to Japan and China — are beautifully designed and landscaped resorts that offer world-class service and feature immersive experiences that invite people to step into the stories they have imagined in their hearts and minds,” they write.

“They also create thousands of jobs and generate significant positive economic impact, both locally and further afield. We are also committed to enhancing natural beauty and protecting the ecology of the areas where we operate.”

The Bedford Independent confirmed Comcast is looking into a possible theme park in Bedford Borough in a worldwide exclusive earlier this week after Orlando Park Stop published evidence a theme park could be on its way.

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New website

Speaking exclusively to the Bedford Independent, a spokesperson for Universal Destinations & Experiences said they were looking forward to carrying out “a proactive approach to partnering with local communities and stakeholders…”

In their letter to residents on the new website, Mr Reynolds and Mr Freeman reiterated this message.

“Above all, we have a strong track record of working together with local communities and relevant stakeholders as we consider any new project — engaging with the local community in Bedford, Kempston Hardwick, Stewartby, Wixams, Wootton, and elsewhere will be no different,” they said.

They also say they’re looking forward to working closely with everyone in the area.

“While we have been encouraged by the positive nature of conversations we’ve had so far with various national and local stakeholders — including Bedford Borough Council and the Mayor of Bedford Borough — we plan to work closely with our local communities should we progress.

“With this in mind, and as we continue our feasibility study, we have launched a new website www.universalukproject.co.uk to provide any relevant updates,” the letter says.

If the project goes ahead, it’s reported that the theme park could open in 2030.