Tony Joyce pledges loyalty to Kempston Rovers

Stuart Mellon and Tony Joyce
(l-R) Stuart Mellon and Tony Joyce. Credit Shannon Wilmot Photography

Kempston Rovers’ manager Tony Joyce has confirmed he will stay on as manager for next season.

Following the success of his revolution at Hillgrounds, Tony Joyce has accepted the committee’s offer to stay on as manager for the 2019-20 season, keeping trusted lieutenant Stuart Mellon by his side.

The announcement comes on the back of the one all draw against Didcot Town at Hillgrounds this weekend.

Joyce’ first league game in charge was the away game at Didcot, in the four months since, a lot has changed: “Looking at the team sheet that day and today, there’s only three that are the same.

It’s a massive turnaround and it has taken time to fit and adjust and get everyone going in the right direction.”

Joyce added “I’m pleased that this is a done deal now, we’ve been speaking about the possibility for a number of weeks now, myself and the committee, and we are all happy.

“I like being involved in football, they seem to like having me around, it suits everyone.”

Having steered the Walnut Boys through a turbulent transition period that saw more than ten first team players leaving, Joyce has brought Kempston up the table to a positive position.

But the likeable manager isn’t getting carried away: “I’m not going to make outrageous predictions and say we’re going to do this or that, we’re just looking to build on what we have and make sure that the club keeps moving forwards”.

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