‘Time to end Clap For Our Carers’ says founder ahead of tonight’s final tribute

Current mood (Mural by Morag Myerscough for the #PostersForThePeople initiative by @ingoodcompanyleeds)

From opera singing to banging pots and pans, Bedfordians have shown their thanks for the NHS and key workers every Thursday for the last nine weeks.

However, Annemarie Plas, the woman who began the Clap for our Carers movement, has announced that tonight’s show of appreciation will be the last.

Since the first applause on 26 March, Bedford’s communities have united with others around the country to show their appreciation for all frontline workers protecting us during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement on their website, Clap For Our Carers said, “The first Clap For Our Carers applause on 26th March 2020 captured the spirit of the nation and was a huge success up and down the country.

“The weekly 8pm applause then continued to grow in popularity and interaction each week, swiftly becoming an established part of our lives through lockdown – uniting communities, public figures and news broadcasters in their support.

“For nine weeks the community clap has become a huge televised event every Thursday at 8pm, but the final applause (for now) is upon us.

“Thursday 28th May 2020 marks the tenth national applause and will be the end in the current run, as lockdown begins to be eased.

“Clap For Our Our Carers will continue to evolve its vision, with plans including an annual national event – Clap For Our Carers Day – taking place on 25th March 2021 (one year on from the first applause).

“Thank you to everyone over the last ten weeks who has got involved and shown their support for our frontline NHS workers and key workers, or indeed are themselves frontline NHS workers and key workers. We applaud you all!”

Mel Stratton proudly flies the NHS flag as a tribute to frontline workers during the pandemic

Mel Stratton, a co-ordiantor for the Bedford Kindness project said, “As the mum of a nurse, Clap for our Carers has become an important part of our weekly routine.

“I know how hard this whole pandemic has been for our NHS frontline staff and to be able to show our appreciation to them all each wee has been truly worth every single clap.

“Not only that, but we have reignited a real commmunity spirit down our street and come together with our neighbours.

“It has become a great opportunity to ‘check in’ with everyone to make sure they are all safe and well, something I think is important we all continue to do.”

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