Three straight wins for Bedford’s Water Polo team with convincing win against Spalding

Image: Bedford's Water Polo Team

The Bedford Water Polo side were looking for their third straight victory, as they played at home against Spalding before Christmas at Robinson Pool.

During the warmup, it was noticed that Spalding were thin on the ground and it was feared the match might be another victim of the ‘pingdemic’.

Fortunately, it was only the two-hour trip from the Lincolnshire market town causing the delay, and the match could go ahead.

The first quarter started strong with Ben Jarman winning the first swim-off, with some good positioning, with Oliver Webb burying the ball in the back of the net in the 34th second of the game.

A minute later Bedford attempted a long range shot which hit the crossbar; Chris Everett pouncing on the ball to score a fantastic trick shot.

However, Bedford succumbed to the counterattack minutes later in a frantic start, conceding a penalty at the other end.

Spalding’s centre-forward, calm under pressure, buried the ball into the bottom left-hand side of the goal, which even Matthew Leydon was unable to keep out.

Bedford went into the second quarter looking to capitalise on their 2-1 lead, in the first minute Spalding committed a last-ditch attempt foul, causing one of their players to be sent out.

Bedford took advantage of the numerical advantage with a quick goal, demonstrating the clinical attitude desired by coach Tom Perry.

The match’s next big moment was 2 minutes into the second quarter of the match, with some fast swimming and counter attacking but Bedford were unable to add to their three goals.

The third and fourth quarters turned out to be a livelier affair with many more shots on goal, several of which went in.

In the end, Bedford won the fixture 11-6, with Fabio Titmus scoring the last goal with a rocket of a shot that found the net despite a deflection.

The result meant Bedford had won three from three against Spalding and went into the Christmas break in good spirits.

Bedford goalkeeper Matthew Leydon was the Player of the Match, with yet another sterling performance to keep the Spalding attackers out as Bedford secured their third win in three games.

The squad continue to train on Thursday nights at Robinson Pool from 8.30pm.

Bedford Squad: Matthew Leydon, Simon Steele, Ed Carpenter, Oliver Webb, Julia Petchey, Fabio Titmus, Ben Jarman, Joe Stamp, Tim Hughes, Chris Everett, Chris Stamp, Justin Irvine, Lawrence Copeman, Tobias Dawson, Chris Maher.

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