The Movement Project hosts event to get Bedford active this Spring

Neil Frankel of The Movement Project. Image: The Movement Project
Neil Frankel of The Movement Project. Image: The Movement Project

On the first Sunday of March, The Movement Project lands in Bedford Park and they are inviting people of all ages and abilities to join in a day of peace-finding, free-moving and new connections.

Established by Neil Frankel in 2020, the Movement Project’s ‘movement collective gatherings’ are held throughout the UK within natural surroundings and take inspiration from natural movement, martial arts, yoga, Qi-Gong, mobility, dexterity, balance and coordination.

Neil, well known in Bedford for his role at the Riverside Tennis Club, will guide the two-hour session in search of the “flow state”, which can be hard to find in today’s fast-paced age of technology.

In the context of this new dawn of screens, Neil told us that, “The Movement Project sets out to create a tribe with a deep curiosity of what’s possible”. He also placed particular stress on “shared experiences” and breaking out of the “growing propensity to stay in our comfort zones”

The March session is a deep dive into mobility on the ground and an introduction to climbing and hanging techniques. Neil will focus on grip strength, which is a key to movement longevity as well as him stating that it is a, “ton of fun”.

This session could also provide the antidote to sore backs across Bedford, especially those saddled to a desk from nine to five, as a part of the two hours will be carved out for shoulder health and spine decompression.  

Alongside this, the movement collective sessions are anchored by Morning Form, something Neil described as “a daily practice of movements to develop and maintain mobility and joint health across the whole body.” According to Niel, this can be used for developing an intelligent body and boldly challenging the organisation of the human body in motion. 

As the co-founder of The Movement Project, Neil has over 20 years of experience leading a large tennis coaching team, spending many of those years locally at Riverside. He has a background in movement patterns, balance, agility, and climbing skills from being a  MovNat L2 certified trainer.

More information about Neil and his co-founder Matt Bagwell can be found on the movement project website here

He works with a playful approach to challenge preconceived expectations of what those who come to his sessions are capable of. The primary focus is on what movement means to you. Those in attendance can be sure to discover something new about what their body can do.

Neil is still working closely with the Riverside tennis club, alongside disabled learners and is currently forming a group of world-class movement teachers and inspirational talkers to take part in the Love Trails Festival which takes place in The Gower, Wales in mid-July of this year

If you are interested in Neil’s ‘movement collective gathering’ on Sunday, 3 March and are looking to join in with the session, it is priced at £18 in advance via bank transfer and £22 on the day, there is more info on it here.

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