Tesco confirms Midland Road closure but plans new Express store in town centre

Tesco Metro Midland Road (image: Google Maps)

Tesco have confirmed that they will be closing their Metro store on Midland Road in Bedford town centre.

However, in a letter to Bedford & Kempston MP, Mohammad Yasin, the company said they were, “actively working on plans to open a Tesco Express in the town centre.”

In the letter, Tesco said that all staff members would be offered alternative roles at nearby stores.

Mr Yasin said: ““I am saddened that Tesco have announced the closure of their Midland Road Metro store.

“Replacing the Metro store with an Express store softens the blow but it will radically reduce consumer choice as the variety of products will be reduced in a smaller store.

“I have at least been assured by Tesco that all staff will be allocated to other stores.”

Cllr Henry Vann, portfolio holder for town centres, said: “This is a really disappointing decision by Tesco at a national level, closing a town centre shop during extremely unusual times for town centres across the country.”

Cllr Vann confirmed that the council’s Economic Development Team was proactively looking to engage with stakeholders for the property regarding potential plans to get this space filled.

He said: “We continue to look ahead to the future in Bedford, from major works taking place on the High Street and Silver Street Square through to focused projects to support our businesses such as our new loading bays for shoppers, and we will continue to work with our amazing independent business to support them through these difficult times, and as restrictions ease and we can once again enjoy our busy, thriving town centre.”

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