Students join the frontline to help NHS-approved Bedford pharmacy meet patient demand

16-year-old Har-Saivak Singh and 19-year-old Nirmal Kaur

Two students have joined frontline workers at an NHS-approved pharmacy dispensing hub to help meet patient demand across Bedfordshire during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aspiring pharmaceutical professionals, 16-year-old Har-Saivak Singh and 19-year-old Nirmal Kaur have stepped up to support the busy pharmacy located in Bedford town centre, by helping the Smarta Healthcare team in the dispense and delivery of vital medication.

Although their colleges and universities are closed, both Har-Saivak and Nirmal are able to manage distance learning, whilst supporting the pharmacy and wider members of the community during this critical time.

Working towards careers in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors, both students have been tasked with ordering and dispensing medication to patients, taking in supplier deliveries and ensuring they are stored in the correct place, whilst updating paperwork for new registering clients and managing inbound phone calls.

Har-Saivak Singh, 16, who is currently studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths at Kimberley College said, “I felt it was my duty to help the people in the most need who are self-isolating or finding it difficult to access the services.

“During my time here at Smarta Healthcare I have been involved with a team of professionals and inspired me to work in a healthcare sector enabling me to assist people. I have been able to keep up with the distance learning for my chosen subjects and learned to manage time accordingly.”

Nirmal Kaur, 19, who is currently studying Pharmacy at De Monfort University said, “During this national crisis I wanted to get involved and help and support the people in need.

“This has been an eye opener to what I have studied so far in year one of my degree and it has shown me the importance of a pharmacist in the community.

“This experience has encouraged me even more to fulfil my ambition and become a qualified Pharmacist.”

Located a Priory Business Park in Bedford, the medication management specialist is continuing to offer its free NHS and private prescription home delivery service, to ensure patients receive medication within three working days or on the same day during emergencies.

Founded by experienced Consultant Pharmacist, Baljit Kaur, and IT Consultant, Harjinder Singh, the Smarta Healthcare dispensing hub provides healthcare services to the community who may find themselves isolated and unable to access local healthcare services.

Harjinder Singh, Co-Founder of Smarta Healthcare, said, “We are delighted to welcome both Nirmal and Har-Saivak to the Smarta Healthcare team and have been extremely impressed with their dedication to work and commitment to supporting the wider community during this global pandemic.”

“Like many other pharmacies, Smarta Healthcare is working hard to fulfil patient demand whether delivering medication or offering advice over the phone, and so the support of both students came at a vital time, for which we are very grateful.”

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