STEM support for primary students thanks to Fujifilm and Council collaboration

Fujifilm UK STEM
Phoebe Photon will guide children through the STEM workbooks

Science and technology are being brought to life for primary school children, thanks to a partnership between Bedford-based Fujifilm and Bedford Borough Council.

Fujifilm have created colouring books aimed at five to eight-year-olds, featuring real-world applications of science and technology.

The books have been given to over 2,000 primary school children in the Borough to support STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) learning and they can also be downloaded at home here.

The colouring books help to explain real-world, everyday applications of science and innovation in a fun and exciting way, and were printed by local business, Swan Print Ltd.

The books’ characters, Peter Pigment, Phoebe Photon and Victor Virus help children to learn about the various science and innovations that power Fujifilm technologies, from taking a photograph to the manufacturing of vaccines.

Phoebe Photon explains how light is used when taking a photo and the technology found in digital cameras, while Peter Pigment demonstrates how these photos are printed with inks of all colours manufactured at his Ink Factory.

Taking a focus on biology, Victor Virus tells readers about how small viruses like him can be used to help sick people get better.

Cllr James Valentine, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services and Education at Bedford Borough Council, added, “I am delighted that Fujifilm is supporting our local school communities by providing these resources to schools.

“I know how grateful Borough headteachers are to the company and they are looking forward to further opportunities for working in partnership for the education of our pupils, particularly with regard to science and technology.”

Andy Ross, Head of Corporate Communications at Fujifilm UK Ltd, said, “During these difficult times, we have all been very aware of the disruption students, teachers, carers and parents have had to go through, so we wanted to make sure that those learning and providing education in our community felt well-supported in the transition into the new academic year.

“Our colouring books have been designed to not only be fun, but also provide a new way of learning about some of the real-world, everyday applications of science and innovation by a company right here on people’s doorsteps.

“It has been great to hear that students across the Borough are enjoying their colouring books – and we hope that Peter, Phoebe and Victor will inspire some future innovators!”

Swan Print Ltd, based on Elms Farm Industrial Estate, was brought into the project to produce the colouring books using Fujifilm printing technology, demonstrating how the technologies explained in the colouring books come to life on paper.

All Fujifilm colouring books can be downloaded at any time for free at and can be printed at home, or downloaded to smartphones and tablets for those without easy access to printers.

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