‘Spot the ball’ charity golf game in aid of Kempston-based Project 229

Chris Andrews
Keen golfer, Chris Andrews, will be taking on the charity challenge

Even the world’s worst golfer doesn’t take as many as 229 strokes during a game, but a Bedford fundraiser is aiming to do exactly that at Bedford and County Golf Club on Saturday 18 July.

Chris Andrews – a keen golfer playing off a 14 handicap – is challenging supporters to ‘spot the ball’ by pinpointing where his 229th stroke will land during three successive rounds at the Clapham golf course.

It costs £10 per guess and the nearest to the spot will win £100 sponsored by Lane and Holmes. You can also enter in person on the day at Bedford & County Golf Club on Green Lane in Clapham before Chris tees off for his first round at 11am.

All funds raised will go to Kempston charity, Project 229 and this is the first project of the Bedford Foresters, a new fund-raising and volunteering group, named after the founders’ favourite pub on Union Street in Bedford.

Project 229 is a community charity in Kempston whose premises are home to family support groups, social enterprises, a foodbank and arts and fitness classes.

Chris is being supported on the day by members of the Rotary Club of Bedford Park, who organise the annual St George’s Day golf event. Bedford Foresters will be posting live updates about Chris’ progress throughout the day on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

“We are so thankful that the Bedford Foresters Cooperative, under the mentorship of the Rotary Club of Bedford Park, are fundraising to support the work of Project 229,” said Project 229 manager, Beccy Campbell-Grieve.

“We are a small independent charity and pro-active community centre supporting all people of all ages in our community.

“In particular, the funds raised will support two projects. The first is The Art Well, providing an open Arts for Health studio group for adults with mental health or social isolation needs.

“The second is SPACE, a service for young people aged 9-16 who have experienced one adult hurting another adult in their home. These funds will enable these projects to continue to make a difference in the lives of people in our community.”

“Supporting Project 229 was a simple choice for all of us at Bedford Foresters,” said golf challenger and CEO of Everglow Media, Chris Andrews.
“They’ve been doing incredible work to help local children who have witnessed domestic abuse, and of course, their name inspired us to come up with the 229 shot golf challenge.
“We’re made up with all the donations that have come in so far, and we’d love to push for an even bigger total because we know how much of a difference it will make.”
“This is a great challenge for Chris and a great opportunity for us as a relatively new fundraising group,” said Mike Ward of Bedford Foresters.
“Golf is an area of common ground amongst us so it seemed like a natural place to start. The 229 Golf Challenge is open enough for novices to take part but also interesting enough to give those with experience a more educated stab at the win!
“We’ve got a lot of people to thank for helping us get this underway but the value of the cause has made it easy to work towards.”
For more information about the Bedford Foresters, to get involved with their projects or to keep track of Chris’ impressive feat, contact them via their Facebook page.

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