Speed cameras are of no benefit to Bedford

Average Speed Camera Sign

Dear editor,

I would like to ask Bedford Independent readers what their opinion is on average speed cameras.

I have recently seen a few electoral notices on the installation of average speed cameras and how this is required within Bedford. My view is – I don’t want these.

I don’t advocate speeding, am certainly try not to exceed the speed limit at any point whilst driving. However, I do not consider these as being of benefit to Bedford.

The cost of each is c£42k I believe, plus the cost of warning us these are going to be installed, plus the installation and ongoing costs for maintenance etc.

Surely we can spend our taxes wiser than this. The fact that any fines raised goes to a central fund, so the council does not get the money (rasied from us) back should be enough reason to reconsider this alone, but it seems like its full speed on putting these in, with all the issues and disruption it will cause.

Is speeding really an issue for all of us? When was the last time a speed related incident was reported?

It’s more likely to be careless or bad driving, which I believe will increase with people driving slower and slower to ensure they do not get caught and fined by these installations.

I am pretty certain more accidents occur at slower speeds, and on congested roads, which will increase the more emphasis we put on this is applied.

Do the same people who moan about speed of cars, also complain about congestion, and that it takes so long to get from one place to another ?

I saw a report once that 50% of drivers were over the speed limit on a section of road in Kempston.

The outcome of them exceeding the limit was… the traffic flowed and no incidents were reported.

If you slow this down, no doubt congestion would occur, appointments would be missed, and the cost to the environment with the pollution involved would increase.

I personally would like to see the traffic flow better, being held by non aligned traffic signals, and at junctions when no traffic is in sight – just seems illogical in this day.

Traffic calming measures encourage traffic to slow down and then accelerate again, increasing population. Let’s rid the county of these, and these pointless hated cameras.

The irony of the speed camera on Ampthill Road, where it’s very rarely possible to do anymore than 10mph on its stretch must grate many a motorist.

So potential voters and those attempting to get our votes, let’s be heard on this.

Do we want these enforced, or would better traffic management encouraging traffic flow be a vote winner, and where we want our taxes spent.


Mark Gray

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