Son of COVID-19 survivor given ‘unforgettable’ birthday treat by Bedfordshire Police


When you have been lucky enough to get home to your family after a spell in hospital fighting covid 19 and you tell your son his 10th birthday surprise was a holiday treat to Dubai which is now cancelled, however he is not fussed he is just happy to have his dad home. We celebrated having a lovely birthday party at home. Then an incredible friend Craig Cunnington did this with his colleagues for Tristan. The Bizzies, PlodThe Thin blue Line All different nicknames.For these friends of mine.Ordinary citizens, who stand in harm’s way,Protecting the country day after daySome of you dislike them.Some really hate,But most people thank them, and do appreciateIn current times of fear and not knowing what to do,Relief is found seeing lights flashing blue.For one young boy his dream came trueFlashing blue lights singing happy birthday to you.Cant thank these @bedspolice #heroes enough for making ours and Tristan day #bedfordshirepolice your the best.

Posted by Timothy Dean on Wednesday, 22 April 2020

A 10-year-old from Wootton got an extra special birthday treat this week from Bedfordshire Police.

Tristan Dean, whose dad, Tim, spent three weeks in Bedford Hospital being treated for pneumonia and coronavirus, just wanted his dad home safe and well for his birthday.

The family had planned a birthday trip to Dubai, but the lockdown and Tim’s diagnosis, has put those plans on hold.

Tim Dean told the Bedford Independent, “I started to feel Ill flu like symptoms and a week later I was rushed into hospital with pneumonia and Covid-19 ravaging my lungs.

“I was posting from hospital on Facebook to tell people to stay at home and it had a big impact locally. The Facebook post had thousands of likes and shares it seemed to make people realise as for many it was close to home.

“My family were all fearing the worst. My son’s birthday was coming up and my wife asked him what he wanted most as our birthday trip to dubai was cancelled. He said he just wanted his dad home.”

Tim, who works as a bodyguard to celebrities including Cheryl Cole, told a friend what Tristan had said.

“When I told my mate this they were all moved,” said Tim. “A few of our friends are police officers and the next thing we have our amazing Beds Police giving my son a birthday surprise he will never forget.

“Such an amazing gesture in this traumatic and difficult times we will never be able to repay the NHS or the police for there kindness.

“The police made a family and one 10-year-old very happy.”

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire Police said, “One of our officers was contacted by Tristan’s father, who had recently been seriously unwell in hospital with Covid-19, to ask if we could surprise his son on his birthday after their original holiday plans were put on hold.

“The officer got in touch with his colleagues who were on duty on the day and when they were free to do so and between operational commitments, they briefly attended the address to wish Tristan happy birthday.”

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