Snap happy youngsters win cameras in school photography competition

The talented winners with representatives from Creating Memories, FujiFilmUK and photographer, Rob Johns

Three children from Kempston Challenger Academy (KCA) and Ridgeway School have each won a camera after taking part in a photography competition organised by local charity Creating Memories.

The competition was the idea of professional photographer, Rob Johns and was supported by Fujifilm UK.

Children from both schools were asked to submit five photos each that best captured the theme of ‘joy’. Over 80 entries were received including photographs of loved ones, pets, favourite toys, the local area and even chocolate.

The winning photographers were then presented with their own instax instant camera and myFUJIFILM photo printing gift vouchers during a special awards assembly.

Fujifilm, whose UK headquarters have been in Bedford for 40 years, donated cameras for the competition, with 18 children taking part from Ridgeway School and KCA.

Both schools will now get to keep the cameras for future projects and as the overall competition winner, Carys Ailing from Ridgeway School earned an X Series digital camera for her school.

Joy! by Carys Ailing

The judging panel consisted of photographer Rob Johns alongside representatives from Fujifilm and Creating Memories.

Rob said: “Each of the children captured joy so well in the wonderful pictures they submitted.

“They made me smile and I was impressed with the great choice of subjects and compositional skills. I would like to thank each of them, and their schools, for taking part.

“They should all be enormously proud. This has been a very special photography project to be involved in.”

Eli Eliot was among the winners

Gloria McCann, Fujifilm UK, said: “It was a pleasure to be involved in this competition and see the talent from Bedford’s next generation of photographers.

“At Fujifilm, we know all about the importance of capturing joyous memories in photos, and it has been really special to be part of inspiring the participants to keep taking photos and seeing what joy really means to them.”

Individual Photograph Award: Carys Ayling – Ridgeway School
Ridgeway Winner: Lene Patterson
Kempston Challenger Winner: Eli Elliott
Highly Commended: Irfanul Haque – Ridgeway; Brooke Williams – Ridgeway; Zack Trachoshas – Ridgeway; Albert Stephens – Kempston Challenger

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