Sharnbrook girl ‘getting stronger’ after tragic accident

Vienna said: "I will be back to dance before you know it".

A talented Sharnbrook girl, who has been dancing since she was two-years-old says she is “getting stronger everyday” after losing her hand and part of her arm after a trampolining accident.

12-year-old Vienna Hayers initially broke her elbow in the accident and had a number of operations in an attempt to repair the break.

But circulation in her arm was severely affected and surgeons had to amputate her hand and the lower part of her arm.

Through all of this Vienna remains in high-spirits and determined to get back to dancing as soon as possible.

“I will be back to dance before you know it,” she said. “I’m hoping to get back to competing in dance by working hard. My bravery and determination will get me far.”

Vienna has danced with Elev8 Studios since starting out as a ‘tiny tot’ ten years ago, she worked her way up to attend 12 classes a week.

She is also an assistant in all of their baby classes and a soloist and group member on their competition team.

Vienna attends Elev8 Studios 12 times a week.

“Most importantly,” said a spokesperson for Elev8, “she’s a friend to everyone. Her shining smile is always on display and her enthusiasm is contagious.”

Due to coronavirus, Vienna’s mum Michelle has been the only family member allowed to stay with her throughout her treatment.

“The staff here at Great Ormond Street Hospital are incredible and are amazed at how well she has coped with life changing surgery.

“Vienna is very aware of how her life will look and feel different to that of her friends.”

While her dad Gary has been able to visit, her brother Fin hasn’t seen his sister since the accident.

He has had to stay away, again due to coronavirus.

But they have been busy adapting her bedroom and their home in preparation for her return.

Fundraiser for rehabilitation

“We are keen for Vienna to continue to live a happy, independent life and created a wish list of some products that we thought would help her to adapt,” said Michelle.

“We are usually such a private family and get through things together but when something like this happens you realise you have to reach out and let others help.”

Two fundraisers have now been set up by a friend and Elev8 Studios to help Vienna get back dancing as quickly as possible.

Any money raised will go toward “physical support such as equipment, technology or gadgets” to support Vienna’s rehabilitation back to dance.

Staff here at Great Ormond Street Hospital are said to be amazed at how well Vienna has coped with life changing surgery.

It will also help cover the costs of gym equipment and sessions to regain her fitness and extra dance lessons “to help her body and mind to adapt”.

Michelle added that the support from people has been overwhelming: “We were inundated with offers of help and support… and completely humbled.

“We wanted Vienna to know how loved she is and that support is there for her as she begins this new unknown chapter in her young life.

“We have no doubt that Vienna’s sports mentality will be a huge asset in her recovery.

“We now face a long road of unknowns ahead and there will be challenges along the way, but it is very comforting to know that we have such a huge wealth of support behind us,” said Michelle.

If you’d like to donate to the fundraisers set up to support Vienna’s recovery you can do so at the links below.

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