Share your favourite Bedford repair business on International Repair Day

Bedford Repair Cafe
The fixers are wheelie good (photo taken pre-Covid)

To celebrate International Repair Day (17 October), the Bedford Repair Cafe is asking locals to share their favourite repair businesses.

Since 2016, Bedford Repair Cafe have been running pop up repair shops at locations around town, encouraging the mantra, ‘if it’s broke, fix it.’

As well as saving plenty of products from landfill, they’ve given new life to vacuum cleaners, lamps, clothes, bikes and more.

They even turned their hand to repairing this much-loved feature in Bedford town centre…

Repair Shop
The Repair Cafe fixers even turned their hand to repairing the town centre water feature…

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As a result of the global pandemic, their regular events are currently paused, so the team is taking the opportunity to give kudos to local repair businesses.

“Despite our regular community fixing events being paused, we still want to help Bedfordians get their stuff fixed- and recognise the businesses who have kept Bedford going through the global pandemic,” said the Repair Cafe’s Katie Allen.

“As repairs become harder through planned obsolescence, we want to get people talking online about the skilled people we have right here in Bedford.

“Over on our Facebook page we have already had recommendations for repairers of white goods and laptops- items often replaced instead of repaired.

“We would love recommendations of common items like clothes, shoes, electrical goods, but also specialists.

“I was particularly excited to discover Offkey Customs who recondition designer sneakers right here in Bedford. I’ve also loved hearing stories about repairs.

ClockWise were recommended by someone who said, ‘a few years ago we purchased a 1940’s vintage bakelite clock off eBay and couldn’t get it to tick at all. We took it into the shop and the man touched it and it started ticking. Magic hands indeed! It’s still working after 4 years.’”

You can head to the Bedford Repair Cafe’s Facebook page and leave your repairer recommendations.

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