School transport cancelled and gritting overnight as widespread frost is expected


Yesterday’s (Monday) advice not to travel has been extended by Bedford Borough Council as sub-zero conditions continue and widespread frost is expected.

Gritting is continuing overnight but school transport for the children of key workers and transport for day centres has been cancelled for tomorrow (Tuesday).

The advice for Tuesday is for essential travel only.

Gritting crews have been out throughout the weekend before the snow arrived and were back out this morning and during this afternoon, and are planning another run in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The salt does not directly melt the snow, it works by traffic mixing it in to create a salty solution which doesn’t freeze as quickly as water which reduces the build-up of snow.

Given the low levels of traffic currently using the roads due to the national lockdown, gritting is likely to be less effective than normal as there are far fewer vehicles around to ‘traffic in’ the salt by crushing and spreading it across the road surface.

Cllr Charles Royden, Environment and Transport Portfolio Holder said: “Our crews have been working hard to spread salt and keep Bedford Borough’s roads as safe as possible.

“With the heavy snowfall and cold temperatures, there is a yellow warning for ice in place, we are advising people to stay at home as much as possible.”

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