Russell Park Kiosk in safe hands as new owners are announced

Kiosk at the Park
Emma, with Andreas (left) and Thomas

The team from the Longholme Café have been announced as the new owners of the Kiosk in Russell Park.

After eight years, owner and the brains behind the business, Emma Garrett has decided it is time for her, and The Kiosk, to move on.

“It was a difficult decision,” said Emma. “But one that seemed right given the timing and the people who are poised ready to take over.”

When Emma was thinking about who to pass The Kiosk baton on to, there was only one option that made complete sense, the boys behind The Longholme Café; Thomas Healey and Andreas Doverstav.

Rather than fierce competitors, they have been friendly neighbours just over the river for the past few years.

Andreas, Emma & Thomas
Andreas, Emma & Thomas

In the bubble of Bedford they have created their own community, offering rowing boats instead of pitch and putt, treasure hunts instead of tennis and brunch instead of toasties.

Speaking about the handover, Emma said, “As my kids have grown up, branched out and discovered new lives for themselves, so the time is right for The Kiosk to do the same thing.

“Putting my energy and heart into the business helped me to create a life here in Bedford and I will always be grateful for that and the support The Kiosk received over the years, from carols to storytime, Where’s Wally Runs to Shakespeare performances al fresco, it has all been incredible.

“The community was the life blood of that little café that grew from an empty husk and will continue to flourish be as it moves into this new chapter.

“I’m so pleased the boys from The Longholme Café are the ones to take it over, their energy and passion is something that I admire hugely. I know The Kiosk will be serving coffee, cakes and conversation to park-goers for years to come.”

“We are thrilled to be able to take the reigns at The Kiosk,” said The Longholme Café’s Thomas Healey.

“The location is wonderful, its history and previous management with Emma have built a good reputation and one that we wish to grow.

“We’re excited to be able to combine both the putting and boat hire to offer a joint experience for families – although both activities will still be available independently too.

“Our product offering will be very similar and we have plans for a light rebrand and decoration in the coming months.

“With this year being a River Festival year, we need to hit the ground running and get the new operation up to speed quickly. 2020 will be a busy year for us and we’re ready for it.”

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