Richard Fuller MP returns to backbenches after three months in Treasury role

North East Bedfordshire MP, Richard Fuller. Image: Richard Fuller/Facebook

North East Bedfordshire MP, Richard Fuller, has resigned from his Treasury position, just over three months since he began the job.

The Conservative MP was Economic Secretary to the Treasury from 8 July until 27 October, the sixth-most senior ministerial post in the department.

Despite vocally supporting Rishi Sunak during the first leadership contest earlier this year, Mr Fuller gave his full backing to Liz Truss when she became PM on 6 September.

He defended the mini-budget put forward by Ms Truss and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng but faced backlash when he appeared on the LBC radio station, suggesting that the budget announcement would incentivise young people to take more risks with their money.

Richard Fuller MP was interviews on LBC about the 'mini-budget' yesterday (23 September) Image LBC/Global
Richard Fuller MP was interviews on LBC about the ‘mini-budget’ yesterday (23 September) Image LBC/Global

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The majority of policies put forward in the mini-budget were later rescinded following Mr Kwarteng’s resignation which also triggered another leadership contest.

The Bedford Independent contacted Mr Fuller’s office yesterday (31 October) for a comment regarding his return to the backbenches, but we did not receive a response.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page last week, Mr Fuller said: “As the Prime Minister continues his reshuffle, I have decided to tender my resignation as a minister and will return to the backbenchers.

“Since I first met the Prime Minister in 2014, I have believed the country could benefit from his intellect, prodigious capacity for work, compassion and values.

“I fully support the Prime Minister and wish him every success in his efforts to meet the challenges ahead.”

Mr Fuller confirmed in comments on his Facebook page that he will not be receiving any severance pay.

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