Quarry Theatre brings bubbles and magic into Bedfordian’s homes

Dave Alnwick: he is literally a wizard

This month, The Quarry Theatre is bringing some family-friendly fun to our screens, thanks to two streamed performances.

On Saturday 20 February, magician Dave Alnwick will be bringing his specially created online show to Bedford, while at the end of the month, the Amazing Bubble Man stream a performance live from California.

Dave Alnwick’s Ethereal Magic
Saturday 20 February at 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Zoom ticket: £9

Speaking about how his ‘Ethereal Magic’ show evolved, Dave Alnwick said: “During the first national lockdown, when all the theatres closed, I felt empty. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more non-essential in my whole life.

“After a couple of weeks, a magician friend invited me to something called a ‘zoom show’. I was amazed how well it captured the feeling of a live performance. After I started to test out ideas and write a show, I had a personal revelation.

“This isn’t about replicating a live theatre experience”, says Alnwick, “This is live theatre”.

When the show starts, ticket holders log into a Zoom meeting and can be called onto the virtual stage to assist with the magic.

“In many ways, magic performed in a live online setting is more powerful than what I can achieve in a theatre. For a start, the illusions don’t happen twenty feet away from you, they happen in your home, in your own hands”.

The ticket price covers one screen and as many people as you have in your household can join in watching.

Make sure to bring paper and pens and a deck of cards (if you have one).

The Amazing Bubble Man

The Amazing Bubble Man Live on Zoom!
Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 February at 6.00pm
Zoom ticket £9.00

The Amazing Bubble man, Louis Pearl, has been doing bubble shows for almost 40 years.

Originally from San Francisco, he has toured the show around the world many times, but for this unique show, he’s performing live from California.

For this new online show, Louis has teamed up with talented musician Jet Black Pearl and her improvised music and clowning now form an integral part of the show.

The proximity of the camera allows the opportunity to bring the bubble tricks very close up, so the viewers can see everything in brilliant detail.

The performers encourage the audience to ask lots of questions which they answer with bubble demos made up on the spot. This back and forth makes each show, and each bubble, fresh, unique, and fun.

For more information, visit the Quarry Theatre website.

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