Prolific Bedford burglar jailed following 12-offence crime spree

Paul Davis
Paul Davis

Prolific burglar, Paul Davis, has been jailed for 4 years 3 months today (Thursday) following a crime spree in and around Bedford.

Davis, an addict with 63 convictions, was out of jail on licence from a previous sentence for drugs, when he committed 12 more offences.

After one attempted burglary in broad daylight in Shaftesbury Avenue in Bedford, he stole keys from a Range Rover that was parked behind gates

Davis, 44, then tried to get into the house, but was chased off by the homeowner. He then threw the keys into bushes, said prosecutor Stefan Weidmann.

>He also burgled a house in Pemberley Avenue, taking cash, jewellery and a watch. As a result, the owner had to cut short a holiday.

In another burglary in Cotton End Road, Wilstead, where a couple had lived for 54 years, he stole a bag, bank cards and a bus pass.

Davis had also taken electronic items that had been stolen from a burglary in Willow Road, Bedford to a shop in Luton, selling them for £235.

On another occasion, the police had been to a group of men by the riverside in Bedford after receiving a report that one had a gun. They did not find a firearm, but encountered Davis with a pair of bolt croppers.

Davis also broke into a Mercedes car and stole a wallet. He used a card to make four transactions at Ampthill Road Food and Wine. He broke into a car and stole loose change.

When the police finally arrested him on 2 August, he was found with a knife, said Mr Weidmann. He was taken to the police station, but refused to leave his cell for questioning.

Davis, of no fixed address, appeared for sentence having admitted two burglaries, an attempted burglary, going equipped, fraud and having an article with a blade. The offences were committed in June, July and August this year.

Defending, Alex Matthews said Davis was an addict who apologised for his offences.  She asked for credit for his guilty pleas.

Jailing him, Judge Barbara Mensah told him: “You know the effect burglaries have on individuals.

“They lose personal items and have their space invaded. Being a drug addict does not mitigate your position.”

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