Police Commissioner funds successful boxing initiative for Bedford youths

Police and Crime Commissioner Festus Akinbusoye at a Ringcraft session with children

Over 500 young people stepped into the ring this the summer as part of a Boxing initiative funded by Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

PCC Festus Akinbusoye funded the free boxing and Martial arts classes as part of his Summer of Fun programme.

This formed part of his initiative investing in early intervention programmes to safeguard young people, encourage healthy choices, improve self-esteem, and tackle the causes of youth crime.

The PCC said: “With over 500 young people attending at least one of 22 sessions, it is clear to me that this is something we need to do again each summer.

“I want to thank the parents, our High Sheriff, Bedfordshire Police officers and local businesses who all helped to make this possible by either bringing the children, donating food or helping with logistics as well”.

Mr Akinbusoye thanked his office and key partners, who hosted the sessions at different locations across the country.

Boxing Saves Lives class

Partners included Boxing Saves Lives, Ringcraft Boxing, and Sendo-Ryu Martial Arts Association.

JP Smith, from Boxing Saves Lives, said: “We were blown away by the enthusiasm and engagement of the boys and girls who attended. The initiative was a perfect antidote to a difficult year many had experienced.

“We know the benefits Boxing can bring to the physical and mental health of young people, and it was incredible to see Martial Arts showcase how this unique perspective can improve lives”.

Smith praised the Commissioner for “standing by his promise to prioritise intervention and thanked his team for helping “shine a light on how we can be a guiding light across Bedfordshire”.

Community Policing Officer Shezad Ahmed said: “The summer of fun was a great initiative and appreciated, not only by the kids who attended, but also by the parents.

“It was great to support the event and being able to engage with the kids and build key relationships which will hopefully prove to be beneficial in the future”.

For future events visit here.

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