Personal bests for Bedford athletes in impressive return from lockdown

Image: Rebecca Murray (Bedford & County AC)

Bedford and County athletes were back in action after a long period of enforced absence from competition during the winter lockdown, with some good early season performances.

Jack Goodwin and Rebecca Murray competed in the ‘comeback’ 5000m at Battersea Park with Murray finishing a fantastic third in the women’s race, in 16:28.18.

Goodwin, a former junior international, finished seventh in a high quality field, clocking 14:13.96 – a promising time that augurs well for the season to come.

Two days later, and several thousand miles away, Matt Leach ran an excellent 5000m personal best of 13:46.26 in Palo Alto, California.

Also stateside, Tabatha Walford collected personal bests over 5000m at San Marcos, Texas (17:29.19), and 1500m (4:35.55) at San Diego on 7th April.

The sprinters were also in action – Under-17 Joe Bennett setting a 100m personal best of 11.48 whilst finishing second at Kettering, and also recording 23.81 over 200m.

At the same meeting, Peter Benedickter ran 58.07 over one lap, and Under-17 Etienne Maughan ran her second-fastest 100m in 12.02 to finish 4th out of 8 in a race in which she was the only woman. Etienne also clocked 25.27 over 200m.

There have also been some good early season middle distance performances. Promising Under-17 Alex Alston improved his 1500m personal best to 3:56.37 whilst finishing a very close second on a cold evening at Nuneaton.

Under-20 Jamie Webster opened his season with a 1:58.42 800m in Birmingham and at the same meeting, fellow Under-20 Ed Blythman, who has been struggling with injuries, improved his 3000m personal best to 8:48.41.

There were further 3000m personal bests at Harrow for Craig Emmerson (8:51.61), Under-17 Euan Supple (9:52.00), and Under-15 Cameron Barnes (9:46.67), who finished third in his race.

Meanwhile, Dan Jarvis, who claimed bronze over the 3000m steeplechase in the British Championships last year, turned his hand to the marathon, running a creditable 2:32:00 at Kew Gardens at the end of March.

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